Nibela Lake Lodge

Open Game Vehicle Tours

• NIBELA/SOBHENGU BIRDING TOUR: this 1hr tour takes you
around the Kwa Nibela property to explore the birds, animals,
fauna, flora.

• NIBELA/SOBHENGU NIGHT DRIVE: explore the life of the
Kwa Nibela Peninsula after sunset, enjoy the cry of the bush
baby and explore the blanket of stars.

• VILLAGE TOUR: this 2hr excursion allows you to experience
Kwa Nibela Peninsula and the local community and traditions.
A portion of this fee goes into community development
projects managed by Nibela Management.

• FLOODPLAIN BIRDING TOUR: this 3hr tour takes you to
the Lake St Lucia floodplains where flocks of flamingoes and
pelicans love to gather, snacks are provided.

• All these tours are conducted in an open game drive vehicle
• Tours are subject to availability
• Max 10 guests on the game drive vehicle- no exceptions
• All trails are led by a Nibela guide