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Nibela Lake Lodge Pack List

Visiting the Hluhluwe area and not sure what to pack? Take a look at our suggestions for what to pack according to the season you’ll be visiting in. The climate in KwaZulu Natal is generally quite warm, so you only need a few warm items of clothing to add to your pack list.

KwaZulu Natal Holidays

What to pack:

Summer (December to March)

Summers in Hluhluwe are generally hot and humid. The months from December to March represent the highest temperatures of the year and the highest humidity, which means a good chance of rainfall.

Opt for clothing that is light and breathable, but also items which offer protection from the powerful KwaZulu Natal sun when you’re out on activities. A light rain jacket is a good idea to take along for unsuspected showers. Protective sunglasses and a swimming costume are also essential items to bring along with you to the newly renovated pool at Nibela.

Pack List Hluhluwe

Winter (June to August)

Winter in KwaZulu Natal is generally quite mild along the coast and days are usually warm, sunny and rain-free. The evenings and early morning are the chilliest time of day and you’ll need to pack a warm, wind-proof jacket for early morning activities.

Opt for clothing items which you can layer and remove as the day gets warmer: t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, warm jerseys, jackets and waterproof walking shoes to keep your feet dry from the morning dew.

Activities in Hluhluwe

Spring (September to November) & Autumn (March to May)

Spring and autumn are some of the finest months of the year to visit the Hluhluwe area. Along the coast the days are just as warm as the summer months and you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming for most of the time.

Birding at Nibela is excellent from March to May and game viewing in surrounding areas is at its best from September to November. Evenings and early mornings might have a chill in the air, but quickly warm up as the sun comes out during the day.

birding in hluhluwe


KwaZulu Natal and Hluhluwe in particular are considered a low risk area for malaria and incidences of the disease are uncommon.

However, in areas of low malaria risk it’s still advisable to wear long sleeved shirts and trousers (to cover wrists and ankles) in the evenings, when insects are most active. Adding insect repellent to your pack list should do the job protecting you from mosquitos, but if you wish to take prophylactic precautions, you should consult your doctor.

Malaria in hluhluwe

Nibela Lake Lodge is a casual and family-friendly lodge. The dress code is comfortable and low-key. Our accommodation options range from romantic suites to family-friendly lodges with up to 4 bedrooms. Enquiries can be made with our friendly bookings team at or +27 35 562 9292