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Nibela Photoblog: Funny Wildlife Photos 2017

As the sun sets on another year, we thought we’d brighten your day with some funny wildlife photos we’ve come across in 2017. There’s no better way than to end of the year with a good laugh and a smile on your face. Enjoy!

funny wildlife photos

“Red leather. Yellow leather.”

Talk to me!

You’re never full dressed, without a smile!

Lying awake, thinking about how much food you ate on Christmas Day.

When you’re the only one who laughs at your own jokes.

In Africa, you always make a plan.

Not everyday can be a good hair day in the bush.

Forever blowing water rings.

How to eat Christmas lunch leftovers.

That’s all folks!

Wishing all our guests and followers a fantastic start to 2018! We hope it will be full of exciting travel stories and we look forward to hosting you at Nibela Lake Lodge in the New Year.

Image credits:
Adrian Burrows Photography
Ryan Kyle Dumbie Tyrer
Eva L.B. Photography
Dusty’s Photography
Brett Wayne Stanley
Tusting Wildlife Photography
Paul Crosland
Tina Stehr
Josh Frost Photography
Jean Jacques Alcalay