Nibela Lake Lodge

Official ERO Status




Nibela Lake Lodge acknowledges the effects our operations have on the local and global environment and we are committed to reducing these by:

  • Measure all impact on our environment and set targets for ongoing improvement
  • Conserve natural resources by reducing and reusing all waste, using eco-friendly packaging and products to support a zero-waste strategy
  • Raise awareness for our staff and neighbours, and enlist their support in improving on the company’s policy to conduct itself in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Engaging with suppliers that have a similar policy



  • Share our goals with our guests and encourage them to be mindful of our policies
  • To share our goals with suppliers, staff and partners
  • Commit to reducing our carbon footprint



  • Continue to prevent environmental pollution, keep up to date with new policies and research to minimise consumption and waste.


Energy Saver Status

  • Switching to LED lights
  • Night switches on outside lighting
  • Unplugging electrics when not in use
  • Killing all power to unused areas
  • Pool pumps run on timers
  • Converting to gas

Waste Efficiency Status

  • Banning of plastic straws
  • Using eco-friendly pizza boxes and take away boxes
  • Recycling of tins and paper
  • Plastic lids are recycled through the sweetheart foundation
  • Food waste is turned into compost
  • Plastic bags have been replaced with brown bags



Water Saver Status

  • Recycling of greywater for irrigation
  • Water catchment on all BOH areas and staff villages
  • Monitoring of water leaks
  • Full loads of washing
  • Low volume toilet systems

Carbon Footprint Status

  • Using more local suppliers to reduce carbon footprint
  • Herb garden for kitchen use to minimise carbon footprint
  • Firewood is rotationally sourced
  • Only trimming of branches is done for bush clearing- we move or build around trees rather than cut down