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Spring in Hluhluwe: Best Outdoor Activities at Nibela Lake Lodge

Let us take your breath away, this September, as the enchanting forest surrounding the Nibela Lake Lodge, comes alive with the beauty of Spring. Situated beneath a luscious canopy of trees, the Nibela Lake Lodge overlooks the magnificent St Lucia Estuary. The sheer magnificence of nature culminates in Hluhluwe this Spring. What better way to celebrate the season of blooming and new beginnings than to experience some of the amazing outdoor activities we have on offer. Take a look at all the exciting things to do in St Lucia, KZN.

St Lucia activities

Stretch your Sea Legs at Sodwana Bay

Crystal blue water, rich in diverse marine life, unspoiled beaches, Sodwana Bay is one of the top scuba diving spots in South Africa. Just a mere 85km from Nibela Lodge, you’ll be able to experience the true beauty of the bay. The warm water and untouched reefs make for a perfect day of swimming and scuba diving. There are various diving operators at your disposal to ensure that you receive the experience that you’re looking for. Check out our activities page for the list of operators available.



St Lucia Activities

Feeling Snappy?

Take a walk on the wild side through the Zulu Croc Park. Home to some of the deadliest reptiles this side of the equator, the Zulu Croc Park offers visitors an amazing opportunity to come face to face with these magnificent creatures. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll through the park with the kids or sit in on the exciting Adventure Show, the Zulu Croc Park has something for every reptile lover. Daily reptile shows are on between 10h00-12h00 and 15h00-17h00. Check out the site for more info.


St Lucia Activities

Birds of a Feather

Home to over 400 species of rare and endemic birds, the Nibela Lake Lodge is a sanctuary for birds and birders alike. Take a trip, with our guided walks, to the nearby flood plains, surrounding forests, wetlands and savannah areas, to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats. Our experienced guides will help you find and identify the birds you are looking for, showing you the perfect spots to spot the perfect birds. From Flamingos, Rosy-throated Longclaws, Pelicans and Fish Eagles, the Nibela Lake Lodge is the perfect destination for all nature enthusiasts. Fly over to our activities page for more info.


St Lucia Activities

Get Crafty

Craft markets are always hustling and bustling with excitement and creativity and the Zamimpilo Crafts Village is no exception. On your way to St Lucia, the Zamimpilo Crafts Village is home to a large melting pot of Zulu craftsmanship and arts and crafts. Spend the afternoon strolling through the various curios stores and craft markets, you’ll likely find many treasures to take home with you. Grab a bite of the traditional cuisine or simply enjoy the afternoon amongst creatives and artisans. The route to the Zamimpilo Crafts Village is made up of dirt roads. Make sure you travel with the appropriate vehicle before embarking on your adventure.

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