Nibela Lake Lodge


Nibela Lake Lodge

A Two Day Itinerary in Hluhluwe

Two to three days is the ideal length of time to spend at Nibela Lake Lodge in Hluhluwe, KwaZulu Natal. Here’s how we recommend you plan your days with us to make the most out of your stay in a two day itinerary in Hluhluwe.

Getting to Hluhluwe

Getting there

Nibela Lake Lodge is situated at the heart of Hluhluwe, about 280km from King Shaka International Airport on the outskirts of Durban. The lodge is most easily reached from the airport via a hired car or pre-arranged transfer from the lodge.

Getting to Nibela Lake Lodge

Day One

Quad biking the Fossil Trail

Quad biking the Fossil Trail is a highlight of a trip to Nibela Lake Lodge, and a great way to get a lay of the land. The trail begins near the lodge and winds its way through the forest and down along the lake shore. Quad biking tours are led by qualified guides with intimate knowledge of the surroundings and birdlife.

Activities in Hluhluwe

The ancient fossils, or ammonites, which have been revealed by the receding waters of the lake, are extinct, squid-like animals dating back to the Cretaceous Period. A meteorite impact in Mexico is thought to have resulted in a worldwide extinction of both ammonite and dinosaurs.

Activities at Nibela

Spa Treatments at the Nibela Bush Spa

After a busy morning flicking up dirt on a quad biking mission, head to the Nibela Bush Spa for an hour of pampering and relaxation. Our spa is tucked away in the forest where you can enjoy ultimate tranquillity and the sounds of local birdlife in the background.

Our expert beauty technician offers a variety of treatments from manicures and pedicures, to massages and stress release techniques.

Itinerary at Hluhluwe

Sundowners at the Lookout Deck

There is no better place to end off a day at Nibela Lake Lodge than with a refreshing drink in hand, watching the sun go down over at the Lookout Deck. The deck offers 180 degree views of the lake and surrounding wetlands and a tranquil setting to reflect over the excitement of the day gone by.

itinerary in hluhluwe

Boma Dinner

Nibela Lake Lodge hosts authentic Boma dinners where guests can enjoy traditional cuisine and entertainment. End your day at Nibela with a delicious feast around a roaring fire and under the starry night sky.

Things to do in Hluhluwe

Day Two

Early morning bird walking safari with Lucky

Start day two at Nibela Lake Lodge bright and early on a birding safari with talented local guide, Lucky. Since there is no big game to be concerned about on the property, both young and old can head out on foot in search for the region’s rarest and most famous species.

Birding at Nibela

Highlights for nature enthusiasts include the highly sought-after and beautiful rosy-throated longclaw, large flocks of flamingos, pink-throated twinspot and narina trogon. Nine sunbird species have been recorded in the area and there is also a small bird hide and several water features where you can wait for the perfect shot of these unusual species.

birding in hluhluwe

Zulu Croc and Ilala Weavers Market

The Zulu Croc Park and Ilala Weavers Market are perfect additions to a stay at Nibela Lake Lodge on your way to your next destination. Zulu Croc is located 35 minutes’ drive from the lodge and offers lots to see for guests of all ages. Opt for a leisurely stroll around the park or take in the daily reptile show.

Things to do in Hluhluwe

The Ilala Weavers Market is the place to stop for authentic souvenirs and gifts to take home from a vacation in KwaZulu Natal. The market is about 50 minutes’ drive from Nibela and offers beautiful hand-woven baskets, traditional Zulu jewellery and curios. Take some time out to enjoy a light lunch at the Fig Tree restaurant, before heading on your way.

Craft markets in Hluhluwe

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