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Best Walking Trails at Nibela Lake Lodge

Nibela Lake Lodge is surrounded by a network of walking trails which can be explored on your own or on walking tours with our local guides. The walking trails at Nibela offer short to mid distance loops which take you past some of the peninsula’s best attractions and birdlife. Take a look at what’s in store along the routes around Nibela.

Walking trails at Nibela


The boardwalks at Nibela Lake Lodge stretch along the length of the camp offering a short walk for guests who want to stretch their legs after a big meal or afternoon nap. The boardwalks are raised quite high off the ground and offer beautiful views of the surrounding forests and lake in the distance.

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The boardwalk walking trails at Nibela connect all the chalets and lodges at Sobhengu to the lodge’s restaurant and entertainment areas. There are informative signs along the way which will help you identify local birdlife and wildlife as you stroll.

boardwalks at Nibela

Fossil Point Trail (6.4km)

Fossil Point Trail takes you along a 6,4km route through the forest to a point along the peninsula known locally for its impressive fossils which have been revealed by the receding shore line. The Fossil Trail is not only a great mid-distance walk, but offers lots of opportunities to see birdlife along the way.

Fossil Trail at Nibela

Undoubtedly the highlights of the Fossil Point Trail are the ancient fossils, or ammonites – squid-like animals dating back to the Cretaceous Period. The ammonites were wiped out along with dinosaurs in a devastating world-wide event at the end of the period.

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Shoreline Trail (9.05km)

The Shoreline Trail is one of the longer walking trails at Nibela Lake Lodge extending over 9km around the shore of the peninsula. The trail takes you past Sobhengu accommodation along the shore of the lake to the fossils revealed by the drought.

Walking trails at Nibela Lake Lodge

Once you reach the fossils at the corner of the peninsula, you can choose to turn back to the lodge or continue the loop past the viewing deck, through the forest and back to the lodge. The Shoreline Trail also offers a great option for keen runners wanting to keep up their fitness levels while on vacation.

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Looking for accommodation in the Hluhluwe area that will give you access to all these walking trails? Nibela Lake Lodge is just the place. To book your trip call, +27 35 562 9005, email or visit the Nibela website.